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Growing up as a child, I have always belong to a Y – mainly b/c of the indoor pool and swim team. Older facility but pool access, basketball courts. I think the main reason my wife likes the downtown one is it’s quieter, closer to the house, and the kids love the rock wall at the downtown facility. Also read: FAQs & Benefits On Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card So the Y exceeded my expectations as a single adult, if you have a family – there is no reason not to not become a member of your local community. Most things are pretty close to one another but with a few outliers, I always find it’s helpful to have a map handy to plan out our trip! The food at the Tree Tops Restaurant was easily the most gourmet out of all the restaurants in this post. Food was decent, but nothing to write home about. There are places to grab a bite and lots of Bass Pro Shop snacks and goodies to take home. I spent my Vacation hitting Bass Pro Shops in Springfield and Branson Missouri. Kids Directory is THE shopping, eating, learning and playing resource directory for Southwest Missouri families. The Greater Springfield Kids Directory provides a handy resource for products, service providers, activities and events for parents, grandparents, educators, and youth leaders–It’s for anyone involved in nurturing children. Not free, but nearly: At Captain D’s if you buy a regular-priced dinner, children can eat for 99 cents.

The sales associates are everywhere and very eager to help.

It was just giant cubes of potatoes and meat with an awful gravy that tasted like something you would buy at the store. Studio A/rooms for classes is an open classroom for up to like 50 people. If you drink and eat out as much as I do, you also need to seek out those Grit classes too. So – I really needed a gym with classes w/ no contracts. Since I was not feeling Orange Theory, the Crossfit schedule really doesn’t work for me, and I wanted options of early morning classes/a real gym – this place is perfect. It might not be the best time for the body or your schedule to work out, but the lack of crowds make this twilight hour pretty appealing. Next time I’ll eat there! There are some paid attractions that help fill up the lot (another review). The sales associates are everywhere and very eager to help. This place has more items/stuff/gizmos/fish/creatures to look at even if you are not shopping! Folks through the whole place with their pets. Also read: 35% Off Southwest Points Coupons & Promo Codes This place is extremely family friendly and for the more experienced crowd. The staff was friendly. Lol. They are a child and Pet Friendly establishment!

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Beverages are not included. Beverages not included. One kid’s meal per each paying adult meal. Jethro’s: One free kid’s meal with one adult entree. Los Charros: Receive one free kid’s meal with every adult meal purchased and soft drink. Finding a restaurant that offers free kids’ meals is always a welcome opportunity to enjoy time with your family without worrying about the bill. Beautiful fruit display. The highlight of my breakfast was finding ripe and sweet cherries and figs. To be honest, if it were up top me, I’d choose the south side one over the downtown one, but we would need to start finding times when they aren’t so dang crowded. I have been frequenting both this south side YMCA (and the downtown branch) for several months now, and have accumulated a number of observations. 1.5 million gallons of salt water species and rivers throughout the store that have a variety of fish running through. The store is amazing with fish tanks, turtle tanks, and all kinds of cool stuff – it’s definitely something to experience! The ambiance and selection of items available for purchase are both second to none, and the store is big enough to take several hours of your time if you let it. My only issue with the store is that they don’t carry kayaks and kayak clothing specifically for kayaking; its tailored for hunters and fishermen..

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All of the Italian food we tried at LaStrada was top notch with the famous garlic rolls and pizza being must-try menu items. Pizza Ranch: Children 10 years and under eat free with the purchase of an Adult Buffet at regular price. Also read: Coupon Codes, Printable Coupons It also offers free kids’ meals to children 10 and under during certain times of the year, so keep an eye out for those deals, too. 1 free kids meal with an adult entree for children 12 and under on Tuesdays. 2 free guest passes in a year period if you don’t want to join. Since I don’t have children or fit any of the typical categories, I honestly was hesitant to join. 50 join fee (which usually can be lowered). It’s pretty much right at the point of Lake Lure and if you sit outside, you can see straight across the lake. I must say this one is a much bigger facility, with much more in it, but wow, is it ever packed. Also read: How To Make Yourself More Appealing With Body Language If you love body pump as much as I do, you seek this out.

Vela At Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Source: See more information about Dickey’s Barbecue Pit’s kids’ specials.

The location is perfect for me and near farmer’s park with the ONLY Les Mills specific body pump class in the entire city of Springfield. Dine in only. Promotions may vary by location. Excludes burger specials. May not apply on holidays. Source: See more information about Dickey’s Barbecue Pit’s kids’ specials. I think I could spend 3 days “just looking” and still not see all. I failed. Two and a half hours and still didn’t make it to all areas. Generally, kids must be 10 or under to eat free, and you must purchase an adult entree for every two kids’ entrees. Must be 12 and under and dine from 4 – 9 pm. This is a must visit destination in the area even if you are not an outdoor sports enthusiast! The online version of Kids Directory includes an expanded calendar of area events, a collection of our informative guides to children’s health, birthday parties, and more; and on-the-go access to our very popular “Kids Eat Free (or almost free)” page. This is the deal, I don’t permanently live in the Springfield, area – but I am here a lot.